Explore Our Holiday Hampers

Explore Our Holiday Hampers

Our holiday hampers beautifully combine tradition and uniqueness. Each piece is handcrafted with care to celebrate sustainable choices while keeping heritage in mind. From reusable products to local delights, our hamper’s  help support and empower Sri Lankan female artisans.


Every item has been selected to reflect various cultural influences, ensuring that your gift is one-of-a-kind.



Hamper prices range from under $100 for an exceptional gift, under $300 for a more refined variety and under 500$ to gift to those closest to your heart. Our hampers are a true reflection of what we stand by; our mission to support and strengthen the female artisan communities of Sri Lanka. Our hampers provide a sense of care to your gift-giving, whether it's handwoven fabrics and homeware. Choose a hamper today to show your appreciation for heritage, culture, and most importantly the appreciation for our artisans who work tirelessly to uphold and continue heritage crafting.

In this festive season, Urban Island isn't just about beautifully crafted homeware and lifestyle products; it's about creating an impact. By joining our Loyalty Program, you're given a unique chance to empower the lives of female artisans in Sri Lanka. Together, we can truly embody the holiday spirit, join us in our mission cause the Way you live is the way you give.


Here's how you can join the Urban Island family:


Step 1 - Create your customer profile by visiting our website: urbanislandinternational.com


Step 2 - Start collecting points with us in all your purchases in-store and online.


Step 3 - For every CAD 1000 you spend with us, we contribute CAD 100 to create an upskilling program for one woman.


Every CAD 1000 = You gift an upskilling program to 1 woman, so she can have a better livelihood.


Join our loyalty program and build your points. The more you spend with us, the more you give!

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