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Handcrafted Bread basket -L-Natural

Handcrafted Bread basket -L-Natural

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Bread basket, Large

Perfect for casual table setting with friends, or also for the kitchen or table with fruit and veg, with a
chunky palm weave in solid colour and our signature speckle dyed stripe. 
Our sustainable basketware collection items from the North of Sri Lanka, are made from large harvested
palmayra leaves that are dried in the sun, then dyed in the village houses and hand woven to produce
honest, simple and authentic baskets and accessories. The baskets are all produced by several small
women’s communities from the post conflict zones who we retrain to adapt the traditional weaving
skills to now make contemporary and stylish homeware items.
Our Palmyrah collection will add a unique personal touch to your interior, and every purchase helps to further empower the women artisans who make our beautiful, timeless basket-ware, while keeping tradition alive, and finding a place forever in your home.

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