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Cane Elephant Head

Cane Elephant Head

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The cane elephant  sculpture is entirely made by hand. Hang it high on the walls of hallways and living spaces, and it looks great combined with our cane mirrors. The elephant is made by a skilled cane artisan in  Sri Lanka. A traditional staple throughout warmer climes, the colour and texture of sustainable cane accents can be found in many Sri Lankan households. Expert artisans weave captivating patterns, bringing a touch of the tropics to your own home. The sculpture is made by a small community of traditional cane weavers in Sri Lanka & your choice contributes to their livelihoods, cause the way you live, is the way you give!

Fabric Composition
Natural Cane

Wash & Care Instructions
This elephant is made from untreated natural cane. Avoid contact with oily substances and hands.Clean occasionally with a feather duster.

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