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Trinco Food Cover - Natural

Trinco Food Cover - Natural

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The food cover is made from round cane. It has a flat tray base with raised sides, and a domed cover that fits within the tray. Perfect for an informal table setting, especially outdoors. Use it to cover mains, breads, deserts and buffet style platters.
The food cover is made by a small community of cane weavers in Sri Lanka. A traditional staple throughout warmer climes, the colour and texture of sustainable cane accents can be found in many Sri Lankan households. Expert artisans weave captivating patterns, bringing a touch of the tropics to your own home. The mirror is made by a small community of traditional cane weavers in Sri Lanka & your choice contributes to their livelihoods, cause the way you live, is the way you give !

Dimensions-26 X 39 CM

Style No- CAN23CAFCME40000022

Fabric Composition
Natural round cane

Wash & Care Instructions
This cover is protected with a water based sealer, but care should still be taken to avoid contact with oily substances and hands.Wipe clean with a damp sponge.

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